‘Average’ Atlantic hurricane season to reflect more storms

Higher averages based on most recent 30-year climate record

















Beginning with this year’s hurricane season outlooks, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) will use 1991-2020 as the new 30-year period of record. The updated averages for the Atlantic hurricane season have increased with 14 named storms and 7 hurricanes. The average for major hurricanes (Category 3, 4 or 5) remains unchanged at 3. The previous Atlantic storm averages, based on the period from 1981 to 2010, were 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes.

NOAA is updating the set of statistics used to determine when hurricane seasons are above-, near-, or below-average relative to the climate record. This update process occurs once every decade. 




(Suspending All Remaining Local Government Mandates and Restrictions Based on the COVID-19 State of Emergency)


Resident Owned Community - Networking/Sharing of Information

General Disclaimer:  Please know the following was provided by Resident Owned Community Managers, Board Members and Residents as a sharing of information.   The recommendations, opinions, statements, etc. of the contributing authors have not been verified by FLAROC or the ManaSota Chapter of FLAROC.   DO consult legal counsel for your own community.



Communities Update COVID-19 Protocols

March 12, 2021


Community Query - COVID-19 Protocol Updates???   NOTE: 8 Communities responded split between Manatee and Sarasota - both large communities (over 400) and smaller provided input


Are there any new association recommendations or best practices updates on Covid-19?  Now that vaccinations are at 50% for seniors only. 
1. Continued lock down?
2. Partial re-opening?
3. Underaged guests/visitors using facilities -- spring break kids are coming.
4.  Re-opening full?
5.  Ending Emergency powers use --- how to determine when to end. 




1-Continued Lock down? 

  • Yes, will not be going back to normal activities until maybe fall

  • Clubhouses are open to events with masks on and temperature taken. Food must be served so no buffet lines.

  • We allow guests on the property.  Pool is for owner use only, no family and no guests.  The Town of Longboat Key is under a wear mask and social distance mandate at least until March 31 and we are following that protocol.

  • Clubhouse is still not open for any group functions.   Library and exercise rooms open with limits on occupancy and hours.

  • We still limit attendance in our Rec Hall to 75. (It seats 500, 250 for a dance.) Masks must be worn in all of our buildings (4).

  • Next board meeting will be discussion on modifying our current situation at the clubhouse.  Not sure what the outcome will be.   So far we have gone from complete clubhouse shutdown early on to current partial.  We have been acting as per CDC guidance, State Executive Orders, and County Mandates.

  • Our community is reopened with fairly strict social distancing and sanitation policy. We’ve only been getting about the same 20 people showing up.



2-Partial re-opening?

  • No Change since Oct 2020, must sign in, still mask/social distancing

  • We are open to owners and their guests under the wear mask and social distance mandate.

  • Outside activities have been available for months. Inside activities are still limited. Some clubs are not meeting at all by choice, but will when their members feel comfortable.

  • No definite plans

  • Our community is reopened with fairly strict social distancing and sanitation policy. We’ve only been getting about the same 20 people showing up



3-Underaged guest/visitors using facilities?

  • Our facilities are opened only to residents, all groups have had to set guidelines and have them approved individually by the BOD

  • Visitors must be with a resident, check-in, mask/social distancing

  • Significant others who do not live in park are allow to attend otherwise only CLV residents.

  • Guest who stay overnight can come to events.

  • We have no restrictions on visitors in park.

  • Our activities are limited. Must have a homeowner sponsor and a Covid committee approved plan.

  • We are open to guests following protocol.

  • It is recommended that guests self-quarantine. Reality tells us that this is ignored by most. We do see self-distancing at the pools.

  • Kids are here. We never eliminated guests or short-term residents.

4-Re-opening full?

  • The Board will reconsider guest using outside facilities again April 22nd.

  • No, not yet

  • We have cancelled Association sponsored events in the clubhouse

  • No immediate plans for any changes.

  • No plans


5-Ending Emergency Powers use – how to determine when to end?

  • Will wait for the attorney to recommend answer to question on Emergency Power.

  • Still in emergency powers

  • Board will most likely be asked to revisit restrictions when more are vaccinated

  • Good question, but it is too soon at this point.

  • The BOD decides at each monthly meeting whether to change our rules re: Covid.




Note: The below subjects were presented by Communities seeking information from like communities.  If you would like to know responses - please inquire/request through our contact page.




COVID - 19

October 1, 2020

Phase 3 - Updates?

COVID - 19

June 11, 2020

Phase 2 Reopening?

COVID - 19

May 19, 2020

Office Protocols - Reopening?


Property Storage Areas

May 21, 2020

Does your community have storage for boats, boats/trailers, just trailer (any kind), RV’s, and/or cars? How many spots?

Must item be a licensed/registered vehicle? 

Do you have a standard size – or size varies due to item/vehicle? 




April 17, 2020

INQUIRY:   Considering videotaping our board meetings.  Understand 719.106 Statues speak to recording/taping meetings.  However, is Community/BOD videotaping a 2/3 membership vote issue rather than a board decision as our documents only mention resident members filming by statutes.   

By-Law amendment?     Privacy Act?     Suggestions?  

Do committees and membership meetings videos fall under the same requirements as board meetings?



COVID - 19

April 6, 2020

BOD Meetings


Inquiry:  Do you know what other communities are doing about monthly board meetings? Are they closing them or keeping them open to shareholders?    We have some very pressing issues that need to be addressed. We are enforcing no groups or gatherings, that the buildings are closed for any social events.

Responses are similar in nature (contact web administrator if you would like actual responses w/o community names).  


COVID - 19

March 28, 2020




DBPR Emergency Order 2020-04 – Issued March 27, 2020

DBPR Emergency Order 2020-04 suspends certain conditions of the emergency powers of the association board of a condominium, cooperative, or homeowners’ association to allow the exercise of these powers during the state of emergency unless specifically prohibited by the provisions of the association’s governing documents. 

COVID - 19

March 27, 2020

Restricting Family/Friends/Visitors entering community?

Inquiry:  We want feedback from other communities concerning restricting family or friends coming into our communities from travel restricted states. We our encouraging our residents to discourage anyone coming to visit. But the conversation gets stronger if they are coming from certain states. In the end, we can't control the visitors from coming. What are others doing?



COVID - 19

March 23, 2020


ManaSota Community member question -   Have they closed the pools in your communities? We have and are receiving some backlash, but I've checked around and it seems most have. 



COVID - 19

March 2020

INQUIRY:   "As president of the Board I'm wondering if anyone is considering any actions as a result of covid-19.

We should all be concerned about the well-being of our residents. I am considering calling an emergency board meeting and possibly cancelling all group activities. I would appreciate some feedback. No, of course we do not have any cases. I always want to be proactive."


Response later in the day from the same community: “We, at Park Name, have made a hard decision. We have cancelled the remaining activities for this winter. In addition, we will not be attending the FLAROC meeting on Friday. We were very anxious to gather information from this meeting, as we are having this difficulty.

Approaching unit owners @ their home?

February 2020

February 25, 2020

Inquiry:  At a recent workshop it was said that Managers, and/or board members should not go to individual unit sites on business.  They could be subject to trespassing, harassment, and/or bullying.  Can anyone site a state statute pertaining to this?  We are currently regulated by 719 and 723.

Compensation for Board Members?

February 2020

Mon. Feb 10, 2020

Inquiry:  Could you poll to ask if communities compensate any Board Members? and if so, how?   Plus, any info they're willing to share about any outside paid person(s) or company that manages their office (hours, salary, mgmt co name, etc).    And, can I add a 3rd question....  Does your park charge a "buy in" fee for a new resident at closing? If yes, how much.       THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS FOR ALL OF US.


Clubhouse Painting Project - Any referrals?

February 2020

Inquiry:    Our community is now looking for someone to paint our clubhouse. We would appreciate anyone passing along satisfactory referrals. Thank you very much.

Accounting Software Question

February 2020

Inquiry:  Looking for feedback on appropriate accounting software from any association that is NOT managed by a management company (i.e. they an on-site manager that is a direct employee of the association).

Independent Vote Counters for Board Elections

February 2020

Independent Vote Counters   February 5, 2020

Inquiry:  Can you please check with some of the FLAROC communities and see if anyone has used an independent company to count the votes for a Board of Directors Election. Or if someone has a company to recommend. Thanks

WiFi Companies-Services

January 2020

Inquiry:  We are looking for a company to help us bring our Wi-Fi up to 2020 needs. Are there communities out there that can help us?




Electronic Voting?

December 2019

INQUIRY:   If you could ask this question of our chapter it would be greatly appreciated.

Our community is a 55+ ROC and we are investigating the use of electronic voting for BOD elections and other issues that arise in the normal course of managing our park.  We are interested in any experiences and recommendations FLAROC members may have and are willing to share. 

HUD allowed residency restriction

December 2019

NOTE: HUD website - https://fchr.myflorida.com/fchr55andolderhousing


Inquiry:    Member community would like to conduct a census/survey of park residents to satisfy the requirements for our “55 and over exemption”.  Does anyone have a prototype that they would be willing to share with us? 

Security Cameras in Clubhouse?

December 2019

Inquiry:   Member would like to hear from fellow communities that has installed security cameras in their clubhouse and what they wanted to use them for, were they successful?

This community is considering cameras and not sure how to proceed.


Storm Water Drainage

December 2019


Inquiry:  A fellow ROC is seeking vendor recommendations for Storm Water Drainage work.   Please respond if you can offer information.


Contract Template for Construction work

December 2019


INQUIRY:    Does FLAROC have a suggested contract template for use with construction companies on major renovation work within parks?Trying not to re-invent the wheel as we draft a document to cover the renovation of our clubhouse. Amount is likely to reach a 6 figure number and we are trying to cover a multitude of issues such as:

Reserve Studies

December 2019

Inquiry:  Community wishes a sharing of experiences/recommendations for a Reserve Study company.



Member Community Information Request - Lawn Maintenance Companies?

May 2019

Inquiry……….. FLAROC Community is looking to get bids for lawn maintenance companies. They are in the market for a new company.  Would greatly appreciate any recommendations.  Thank you!


Request via website - Inquiry on Financial Software

March 19, 2019

Inquiry………..Currently our community uses QuickBooks and only heard of TOPS as we consider a change.  Curious if the other communities can provide insight, experience (on TOPS) and possible other software programs to consider.   We also/pay a “bookkeeping company” AND CPA to process and review our financials with a full Audit every other year with a compliance audit on the off year.   Thoughts on that?

Request via website - Inquiry on Dogs allowed in Park?

March 18, 2019

Inquiry………..Would you please poll members regarding the following questions?

1) Does your park Allow dogs? 

If yes:

2) Does your park restrict where they can live to Designated areas?  

3) What are the Size limitations? 

4) Do you allow overnight guests to bring their dogs. If yes, what restrictions?

5) Do you require and check liability insurance for homeowners with dogs?

Request via website - Inquiry on Real Estate Business

March 18, 2019


Inquiry………..Does your Association have a Real Estate Business? Did an attorney set this up?  We are looking for names of Attorney's that handle setting up real estate business.  We can find plenty that close on homes, but finding one that sets up the actual company has proven to be very difficult.

Request via website - Inquiry on Cluster Mailboxes

March 5, 2019


Inquiry………..Our Co-op is just beginning to accept bids for cluster mail boxes. We have 295 units.  Currently, the clusters are in 3 different locations that are not in any particular relationship to the house locations.  We are considering relocating all the locations to one common area and cover them to protect them from the elements. I have a few questions: What has been anyone's experience? 


One location, or distribute among the community?--realizing potential congestion issues.  Drive up?...park and walk?  On legs or concrete blocks.  Experience with bidders? Box material? US Post Office requirements? Any suggestions welcomed.

Request via website - Inquiry on Pool resurfacing

Feb 10, 2019


Inquiry………..We would like info from other parks that have undertaken re-lining their pools. Recommendations of both materials and pool companies would be greatly appreciated.      Thank you in advance for your feedback!  


Request via website - Inquiry on Metal Roofing need:

February 2019


Inquiry………..We have a member community in the process of reviewing bids to replace, coat or retro-fit a galvanized metal clubhouse roof – approx.. 16,500 sq ft.  Cost between $75K and 120K (depending on job selection).

Any information you could share about this topic would be appreciated.  Company recommendations?  Company you may have had an issue with?  Has your community replaced your clubhouse roof? or are you contemplating this project? 

Considering these companies:  Florida Southern Roofing, Colonial Roofing, All Surface Roof Coatings and SunCoast Roofing.

Lastly – would you be interested in having a meeting on this topic?  As always, your responses are confidential.

Request via website - Inquiry on Water Shut Off valve locations:

Inquiry………..We are investigating having (at minimum) our park water valve sections professionally located. What have been your experiences: companies, productive results, satisfaction, time-frame, results-documented/mapped/both, what should we look for within bid details, costs, recommend combining with any other underground details options while spending the money? Looking for information, please. Thanks in advance for sharing.

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