September 2020 - Newsletter 


Our March 2020 meeting (aging manufactured units) was cancelled due to COVID-19 – we shall try and schedule this in 2021.


As of this date, ManaSota FLAROC Directors made the decision to look forward to January 2021 for any meeting options.  We anticipate with the current outlook the entire 2020-2021 meeting season maybe cancelled.   We will keep you informed of our chapter meetings as well as possible changes to the 2021 Director Training options being considered.


Our main concern on just cancelling the 2021 Season is that Communities will not financially support FLAROC and our ability to sustain our advocacy programs will end.   We want to remind all what FLAROC means to Board Members and Resident Owned Communities – beyond the Director Certification Program.


FLAROC employs the lobbying firm of Janet Mabry & Associates, Inc. The firm familiarizes legislators with FLAROC’s mission and legislative goals; monitors all bills that relate to statutes relating to resident owned communities; provides monitoring information and reports to FLAROC’s legislative counsel; and attempts to introduce amendments to certain Florida Statues through appropriate legislators.


Thank you in advance for your time, support and involvement in our valuable mission to be responsive to all Florida Resident Owned Communities, Board, Managers and residents.




The ManaSota Chapter website is an information tool and we hope to spread the word about our Chapter and FLAROC’s mission to inform, support and advocate for all ROC - Resident Owned Communities. 


Check out the “News & Information” tab for subjects already shared.





Legislative News


NEW LAW   https://fchr.myflorida.com/


With a new law signed by Governor DeSantis, the Florida Commission on Human Relations removes the requirement that 55-plus retirement communities register with the commission (FCHR). The communities no longer need to register, but the commission will continue to investigate allegations of discrimination there.


Emotional Support Animals


Update on Senate Bill 1084:  Governor DeSantis signs into Law June 23, 2020




6/15/2020• Signed by Officers and presented to Governor

6/23/2020• Approved by Governor

6/24/2020• Chapter No. 2020-76

Current Newsletter


APRIL 2018

Wishing all a great Spring & Summer,  safe travels for the “Snow Birds” as you go north.


We will send out email blast if there is information to share. Expect a September/October newsletter for the 2018/19 meeting schedule.



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Last Meeting of this Winter Season @ Polynesian Village in Englewood had 7 parks represented – Thanks to all for coming!  Thank you to Polynesian Village for opening your Clubhouse and the cookies!


This was an open sharing of information that focused on Background Checks and Screening Processes.  We also shared information on HUD 55+ , proxies and emergency shelters.  These open forums are a great opportunity to learn and share like situations we all face in keeping our parks current and safe.


Several parks that attended did not have background checks or screening processes in place.  Suggestions and experiences of those parks with long-standing policies were valuable.  The major point made over and over was documentation of all steps and consistency in implementation.   Chris Coleman of Coleman Insurance Agency was in attendance and shared his company experiences on the subject.   Attorney input and review was also stressed.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Planning for the 2018-19 Meetings and Director Training.    We welcome topics/programs/ideas anytime and of course will need Host Park locations.  The host park is asked to provide coffee and light snack (cookies or donuts). 


We have a firm commitment for 2019 Director Training location and one other meeting.   If your park would like to host – please email or call either of the Chapter Directors.


Monthly meetings – Nov 9, 2018 @ Plantation Village in Manatee County (Changes to your Documents)

                                   Jan, Feb & March – Need locations


Director Training – February (no date set) @ Windward Isle in Sarasota County


We continue to ask for volunteers at our Chapter level.  Assist at meetings, newsletter help, scheduling/arranging meetings/host parks and more.