2022 Cooperative Director Certification Programs have ended. 

The certification programs offered by FLAROC are widely considered to be the most comprehensive available for directors of Cooperative Associations. 



The Lobbyist's Role 

You have a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to hear directly from FLAROC’s Legislative Consultant! 

Want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes in Florida’s legislative process?

Want to know what the ‘hot topics’ are in Tallahassee?

Do you have a specific question?

Now is your chance. At 10:30AM on Friday, January 14, 2022 FLAROC will host a webinar featuring Legislative Consultant Nancy Black Stewart, FLAROC’s lobbyist. 

You are invited to submit your questions in advance of the webinar. Send your question to admin@flaroc.com.

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Information Series Webinar Today!

From the FLAROC Board of Directors:  We promised you more and we're delivering!

On October 18th @ 10:30 AM, FLAROC will host the second information series webinar in the 2021 -2022 series. Register now by clicking the link below.

Florida's statutes require you association to "...use its best efforts to obtain and maintain adequate insurance to protect the association property." This webinar will help you understand just what that means.

Chris Coleman, owner of Chris Coleman Insurance Agency and one of the leading experts on insurance for Resident Owned Communities, has agreed to discuss the complexities of ROC insurance.

Topics will include:

  • Insurance Pitfalls Encountered by ROC's

  • The Board's Fiduciary Duty

  • Responses to YOUR Questions

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Mr. Coleman has volunteered to accept your questions prior to the webinar. He will respond to as many as practical. Email your question to him at Chris@ColemanAgencyFl.com

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From the FLAROC Board of Directors:

On September 24th at 10:30AM, we will start quarterly information sessions that will be held online. These sessions are designed to bring value and information to your community association and to enhance membership benefits.

Various industry experts will offer information regarding how to better manage your association and discuss issues impacting your association operations.

  • Webinar Topics Will Include:

  • Reserve Funding

  • Electronic Voting

  • Commercial Mortgage Refinancing

  • Lifecycle of a Mobile Home Park


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Community Association Board Members:     We Want to Hear From YOU!

We know you work hard to make sure your community is well taken care of. And we want to provide resources that can help you do that.

Take the brief survey below on how we can better support you and bring value to you and bring value to your membership. And we welcome questions you have for the webinar!

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Panelists were: Dale Bradford, Chris Coleman, Lee Jay Colling and George Russell. These panelists devoted many hours to      preparation and nearly three hours to each of the webinars! Their contribution to this effort was outstanding.

Sessions held: Five (5) webinars were conducted each lasting about two (2) hours followed by about a one-half (1/2) hour question and answer session.


Certificates issued: 226 certificates were awarded.

Consolidated Post Webinar Survey Ratings – Scale of 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest)

  • How would you rate the Internet registration process?     8.64

  • How would you rate the panelists knowledge of their subjects?     8.77

  • How would you rate the organization of the presented material?     8.55

  • How would you rate the quality of the content of the presented material?      8.41

  • Thinking of the Reference Manual, how would you rate the overall quality?   8.08

  • Thinking of the Reference Manual again, how would you rate the content?   8.03




Community & Board Members


Our chapter “email blasts” have been a great tool for fellow communities to hear what is going on among us.   Sharing general information is of great value – we do learn how similar our “issues” and “strengths” are.  It is important to keep community contact information up-to-date with our ManaSota Chapter AND FLAROC (state level).   As we continue to need to provide current news, information, legislative updates and director training information – today’s times make it even more valuable to you.  Contact and update your information today at either website listed below.




The ManaSota Chapter website is an information tool and we hope to spread the word about our Chapter and FLAROC’s mission to inform, support and advocate for all ROC - Resident Owned Communities. 


Check out the “News & Information” tab for subjects already shared.